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The 3 Places Most Trash Heads After Leaving Your Home

Once you rent a dumpster or put your trash out on the curb, and your trash company picks it up, your trash has to go somewhere. Here are the three most common ways that waste management companies dispose of trash once it leaves your care.

#1 Sort & Recycle

First off, some waste management companies will take all of the trash that they collect each day and take it to a recycling and sorting warehouse. There, all the items that can be recycled will be pulled out of the trash. The waste management company may recycle these items themselves, or they may sell these items to other companies that are more skilled at recycling those materials and turning them into something that can be used.

This method helps reduce the amount of trash that ultimately ends up in the local landfill. It helps to ensure that only the items that can't be reused end up in the landfill.

#2 Incinerated

Second, many waste management companies end up incinerating their trash. After the trash is picked up, it is all burned. Sometimes, the energy that is created by burning the trash is harnessed and turned into renewable energy. Other times, the energy that is created is just released into the environment and is not re-used for other purposes.

When the trash is done burning, a large pile of ash is left behind. That ash is then transported to the landfill. The idea behind this method of disposing of trash is that energy can be created from the trash and the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill is greatly reduced.

#3 Dumped At Landfill

Finally, some waste management companies just take your trash straight to the local landfill once their trucks are full each day. There is generally a rotation schedule created so that all the trucks that come in everyday dump their waste in different areas of the landfill to ensure that the waste is spread out and one area of the landfill doesn't tower over the other.

There are generally trash workers whose sole job is compacting and spreading out the trash into the landfill. Once that is done, dirt is usually put over each layer of trash to help facilitate the decomposition process.

You can find out what trash disposal method your waste management company utilizes by reaching out to them. If you want to reduce your environmental impact, you can see what additional recycling programs are offered through your waste management company that you can participate in to reduce how much of your trash ends up in your local landfill. To rent a dumpster or to learn more about the waste disposal process, contact a company like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services.