Remembering The Basics

Kids And Your Septic Tank

Septic tank systems are usually practical and simple to maintain if you follow a few basic rules. If you have children, training them to treat your septic tank correctly can be a little difficult, particularly if they are not used to one. When your children are first introduced to a septic system, you need to instruct them on its use. 


Flushing the wrong things down the toilet when you have a septic tank is one of the primary reasons your system may clog and otherwise perform poorly. Unfortunately, children have a love affair with flushing items down the toilet, particularly when they are toddlers. Any number of items can harm your tank, including diapers, toys, paper towels, string, and too much toilet paper. The best way to prevent problems is to teach your children to only flush toilet paper and to only use a set amount of squares. That limit will depend on the type of toilet paper you buy, but having your children minimize TP use can remove much strain from your septic system. Have them place everything else in the trash can located next to your toilet. 


The area around your septic tank, the drainfield, is a tempting place for kids to play. They may be drawn by the septic vents or simply by the open, unused area. They may decide to build something there or try to dig. Worse, they might put things down the vent. The drainfield actually functions as a filter to purify the greywater that your septic tank releases into the ground. Although the solid waste has been removed, the greywater is still full of bacteria. As it makes it way through layers of dirt and gravel, it is cleansed of its impurities. If your children continually play over that area, they may compact the ground and keep the area from doing its job. If they dig into the ground, they may end up playing with some nasty water. Teach them to stay far away from the septic tank area. 

Although kids always need instruction on plumbing systems, they need a little more guidance when it comes to septic tanks. Your system cannot hold unlimited toilet paper or other items. Remember too that your drainfield has to be allowed to do its work without interference. Work with your children when they are little, and they should soon know how to help you maintain your septic tank. For more information on properly caring for your septic tank, contact a company like Honest John's Septic Service Inc.