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4 Portable Restroom Tips To Take Into Consideration When Planning A Wedding

If you are planning a wedding and need to pay for portable restrooms, here are four things that you need to take into consideration when renting restrooms for your wedding.

#1 The Ratio Of Male To Female Guests

The first thing you need to look at is your ratio of male to female guests. Remember, when female guests need to use the restroom, they need to sit down to use the restroom and generally need a little more time in the restroom than men. 

If you want to prevent long lines at the restroom, make sure that you look at the ratio of male to female guests. If you will have significantly more female guests at your event than male guests, you will want to rent more female restrooms than male restrooms. 

When you rent portable restrooms, you can rent trailers that are composed of actual male and female restrooms where the male restroom has urinals and a single stall and the female restroom has multiple stalls. Go for additional stalls if your guest composition will contain more women than men. 

#2 The Drinks You Will Be Serving

The second thing you need to take into consideration is what you are serving at your wedding. If you will be serving alcohol at your wedding, you need to increase the number of restrooms that you will be providing. 

Alcohol tends to cause people to need to use the restroom more, which is why you should provide additional restrooms for your guests if you will be serving alcohol at your event. Take the recommended number of restrooms for male and female guests that the portable restroom company provided you with, and add at least one extra bathroom for male guests and two extra bathrooms for female guests.

#3 The Special Needs Of Your Guests

You also need to look at your guests list and see if any of your guests have special needs. If you know any of your guests will be using a wheelchair or walker, make sure the restrooms you rent are ADA accessible. 

If you will be having families with babies and young children attending your event, you may want to rent a portable restroom that also have a family restroom available for the use of families with children. If that is not an option, make sure that changing tables are offered in both the female and male restrooms. 

#4 The Feeling You Want To Create

Finally, think about the feeling that you want to create. If you are keeping things simple, and aren't trying to be classy, you can rent individual toilets. 

If you are going for a classier feel, you can rent portable trailers that have bathrooms inside of them that feel like the restrooms inside of most public facilities, with stalls, sinks, mirrors and running water. You can even rent luxury portable restrooms, that are designed to feel like the restroom inside of a really nice hotel and have waiting areas as well. 

If you are planning on renting restrooms for your wedding, make sure you know what type of guests will be attending and what their needs are so that you can meet them. Finally, remember that portable restrooms can be as classy and nice as regular restrooms.

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