Remembering The Basics

Three Steps For Picking Up The Pieces After A Flood

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, it is drastically important that you find the best ways to deal with it. Undergoing a flood clean up plan will help you get your property back into prime condition, while minimizing health and safety risks. Knowing these steps ahead of time will help you exponentially, so read on and be prepared to apply these strategies. 

Think About The Electrical Issues First

If a flood happens to break out, your first course of action should be to safeguard your home from electrical issues. To do this, you should shut down the main power supply and unplug or remove electrical items. This is incredibly important and should be done as quickly as possible to both save your electronics and prevent electrical shock. For best results, handle this issue prior to allowing water to rise to the height of or above electrical outlets.

Apply A Bleach Solution While Awaiting Professional Cleaning

In terms of preliminary cleanup, you should grab some chlorine bleach and dilute it with water. You can start with about three quarters of a cup of bleach, mixed with a gallon of clean water. Add this combination to a bucket so that you are able to start cleaning your floors, walls or any other areas that may have been affected by the flood water. This is crucially important, because mold and mildew can set in and create unsightly damage to your home.

Take Inventory Of Belongings And Throw Out Any Unsalvageable Items

To keep your household healthy and safe, it is best that you get rid of any food items that could have potentially been exposed to the flood water. This is critical even in the case of canned or boxed food that was never opened. It is better to be safe than sorry in this regard, because floodwater can contain sewage which is contaminated and that can make you deathly sick. You should also get rid of any sorts of items that absorb a lot of water that cannot be disinfected. Some examples include children's toys and cosmetic supplies. If you plan to call in a professional water damage clean up service, have them inspect any items that you are unsure about and ask about potential cleaning methods. 

Consider these three important water damage points so that you can get your house back to normal after a flood.