Remembering The Basics

Are You Doing Your Part To Keep Your Septic System Functioning Correctly?

For any homeowner, maintaining their home while also keeping costs low is important. This statement is especially true when it comes to septic tanks. Some homeowners are unaware of the fact that accomplishing these goals begins with them. The more effort you put into caring for your septic tank, the greater confidence you will have that the system is operating efficiently and the more money you can save on repair costs.

Conserve Water

It's a good idea for each person to practice water conservation, but in a home with a septic tank, this practice is especially important. In a nutshell, the less water that you use, the less of a strain and wear and tear you are putting on the septic system. For example, say you use your toilet as a trash can, tossing paper products down to flush. Each time you flush and these products pass through the system, some particles get left at the bottom of the tank.

Over time, these particles can lead to a large buildup that's enough to back up the system and cause a flood, especially if they aren't designed for use in a septic tank. Avoiding this is as simple as tossing these paper products in a waste basket and avoiding a flush altogether. While conserving water doesn't have to mean using water scarcely, it should mean using water in your home more consciously.

Maintain The Drainfield

Keeping your septic tank operating efficiently isn't just a task that you need to think about in the interior spaces of your home. You also want to consider this goal when it comes to the exterior areas of your home, more specifically, the drainfield. Make sure you aren't parking any heavy vehicles or placing any heavy objects in the area. The weight from these objects puts extra pressure on the pipes that are installed just below the ground.

This can cause a costly leak or prevent the water from draining out of your home properly. Avoid any large landscaping structures in this area as well. Heavy mulch or a plastic tarp used under a landscaping design prevents oxygen from flowing down around the system's pipes. Oxygen is a critical component in helping to break down the waste inside the system, so don't impede its flow. Grass is the best option.  

You play a very important role in keeping your system working correctly. Make sure you aren't doing more harm than good. For more information, contact Martin Septic Service Inc. or a similar company.