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How To Deal With Female Guests And The Question Of What Not To Flush

The average woman will use about 12,000 feminine hygiene products in her lifetime, and sometimes she will be using them when she comes to your house. If you are a member of one of the 20 million households in the U.S. that uses a septic system, this can be a cause for concern, as not every woman is cognizant of the proper way to dispose of her used feminine hygiene products. If she, and others like her, flush instead of disposing in the trash receptacle, then it can translate into a visit from the plumber due to a backed-up toilet. It might even cause your septic services professional to have to inspect and pump your septic system much earlier than the recommended 3 to 5 years. That means money.

So how do you make a guest aware of the necessity of trashing rather than flushing? Here are a few suggestions.

Use a sign

At the risk of mimicking the stance taken by restaurants and public restrooms, you can post a sign in your bathroom that informs your guests what should and should not be flushed down your septic system. Of course, your sign can be made tactful and tasteful and, depending on your creative nature, it can even be made to match your decor. The important thing is to ensure that the sign is visible and prominent enough to be seen and to get the point across. Your sign could then give a complete list of products including hair, wipes and candy wrappers that should also be kept away from the toilet,

It is also possible that if you are comfortable enough with your female guests, you might want to simply have a prepared speech along with your house welcoming routine that will help to get the information across, reinforced by your sign.

Be prepared

There are affordable little sanitary pouches you can buy at any retail store or pharmacy that can be made available to guests in your bathroom. These can be arranged along with emergency supplies of tampons and pads and given to each female guest either as a part of a house warming gift or arranged in a basket or trinket box in the bathroom. These could be accompanied by small notes that thank them for being your guests while informing them to use the bags at their convenience and therefore reduce the possibilities of flushing.

The point is to ensure that each guest is made to feel as comfortable as possible while conveying your wishes on a delicate topic and avoiding the possibility of embarrassing those who are guests in your home. 

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