The 3 Places Most Trash Heads After Leaving Your Home

Once you rent a dumpster or put your trash out on the curb, and your trash company picks it up, your trash has to go somewhere. Here are the three most common ways that waste management companies dispose of trash once it leaves your care. #1 Sort & Recycle First off, some waste management companies will take all of the trash that they collect each day and take it to a recycling and sorting warehouse. [Read More]

Kids And Your Septic Tank

Septic tank systems are usually practical and simple to maintain if you follow a few basic rules. If you have children, training them to treat your septic tank correctly can be a little difficult, particularly if they are not used to one. When your children are first introduced to a septic system, you need to instruct them on its use.  Flushing Flushing the wrong things down the toilet when you have a septic tank is one of the primary reasons your system may clog and otherwise perform poorly. [Read More]

4 Portable Restroom Tips To Take Into Consideration When Planning A Wedding

If you are planning a wedding and need to pay for portable restrooms, here are four things that you need to take into consideration when renting restrooms for your wedding. #1 The Ratio Of Male To Female Guests The first thing you need to look at is your ratio of male to female guests. Remember, when female guests need to use the restroom, they need to sit down to use the restroom and generally need a little more time in the restroom than men. [Read More]

Convenient Recycling Planning For Complex Computer Moves

The Information Technology industry continues to revolutionize the "refresh" service for businesses. A computer refresh refers to upgrading the technology in a business, ranging from the full inventory of workstations in multiple departments to the backbone of business networks. Instead of pushing systems out of the business with standard, unprofitable planning, take a look at how you could add your own recycling process to keep the environment clean and maybe put a few dollars back in the company coffers. [Read More]